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Another week of progress

More than 12,000 words went into Book III this week, with some days being extremely difficult (the kind where you hit "word count" every half hour and groan at the result...and are up until almost midnight crunching out the last few words of the required count.)  Other days started slow but speeded up, and one was a pleasant gallop over smooth ground (that was Monday.  Uncharacteristic, as Mondays are often difficult.)

One of the slogging through hot loose sand in the desert days ended up with the strongest scene of the week.  (Hard to believe since the Monday scene had been strong, but Thursday night's overtook it easily.  Well, not easily in terms of writing, but for tension...yeah.

In other news of the week, the new Shiny! is now chatting happily with the other computers on the home network,  sound is now working on the desktop machine,  and I've decided to have a leaf made for the kitchen table instead of buying a new kitchen table (the goal is for five or six full-grown and not tiny adults to be able to eat a meal while using chairs sized to them.)   Our kitchen is small, so the table would be inconvenient if it were that big all the time.  Also, the drafting table will get some repairs from the same craftsman who's doing the table leaf.

The weather changed abruptly toward the end of the week (big change in barometric pressure) and my sinuses promptly went into revolt, the usual sinus migraine.   It's a little better this evening.  The change brought dryer weather, so I could hang the "heavy" bedding (mattress pad, pillows, etc.) on the line today for a freshening in the hot sun and they actually got dry. 

And there's a cricket frog going chit-chit-chit in the pond again. 

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