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From Twitter 08-10-2010

  • 08:14:28: RT @nalohopkinson: I don't write autobiography in fancy dress. I write fiction. Wanna know my personal traumas? Ask me. Don't try to div ...
  • 08:16:05: Oops--haven't sent handout text to CTC yet for workshops. Due in today. must finish writing that first.
  • 12:24:59: RT @Cadigan: Memo to Ultra-Successful Novelists everywhere: success is ephemeral. If you see yours dipping, it doesn't mean publishing i ...
  • 12:26:17: RT @Cadigan: I have an urge to buy another cute outfit for my iPad. That's the best thing about technology--buying a wardrobe for it. Hi ...
  • 12:45:16: RT @BarackObama: We can’t stand by while pink slips are given to those who educate our children or keep our communities safe. http://j.m ...
  • 12:54:06: RT @christinadodd: RT .@PublishersWkly: Women in Publishing Unite on Twitter. http://bit.ly/d8kWhO #womeninpublishing
  • 13:00:43: RT @jane_l: Come on folks, what #womeninpublishing do you know that we should know about?
  • 13:03:49: #womeninpublishing Editors: Betsy Mitchell, Liz Scheier, Shelly Shapiro, all incredible to work with. Publisher/editor: Toni Weisskopf
  • 14:12:20: RT @dduane: This lady has hit the nail on the head. http://huff.to/dvbMDN
  • 19:30:00: Power outage this afternoon--ran around shutting off annoying beeps of UPSs, then suddenly crashed. Now I'm a little hungry.

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