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Back on Track

Yesterday had its problems.  First I realized that it was the 10th, and I'd promised the people at CTC that I'd have handout material to them by the 10th.   So instead of first-drafting in the morning, I worked on the handout material--a lot of it was already compiled, but not final-drafted, and I hadn't found all the links I wanted to illustrate various points.  That took all morning and part of the afternoon, then I emailed it to CTC, pulled out the master file of Book III and the power went off.  And stayed off.   I called the power company's automated emergency line, which told me to call "your local maintenance provider" at a different number, which I did, and got, for a wonder, a human.   It would be several hours to get it fixed, she said.

I opened up the little computer to work with it on battery.   Little computer and I are still not entirely in synch, since it's got Windows 7 for an OS and Windows 7, like every Windows "upgrade" so far, misses the point.   Serious computer users--people on the machine day after day, hours a day--DO NOT WANT the controls and things they use all the time to disappear so that new! shiny! bright ideas! they don't need can be upfront in the shop window.   It took FAR longer than it should have to get the file I wanted off a thumb drive and where I wanted it on Little Computer's hard drive (no, I do NOT want to use Microsoft's idea of what I need--they don't KNOW what I need) and my energy level was low enough by the time I got it in, and had worked on it a half hour, that I felt that someone had turned off my power...and I took a long nap.

So...only 290 words for the day.   OTOH, this morning went well, with 2000 words in the Book III file already.  Then I went and played online for a bit, and probably wrote another 1000 or so (by the way my right hand feels)
but that's not billable words, as it were.

Choir practice starts up again tonight.   I have started listening to the Durufle Requiem again in preparation for our rehearsals of it.   We have two "big" things this fall--the Requiem performance and then being the choir for the Austin Symphony's presentation of Handel's Messiah in the Christmas season.  (And we may do the Sing-along Messiah as well.)   I should start my voice lessons again this week or next, but looking at the upcoming trip to Dragon*Con, and the work I need to do betwixt now and then, I may beg off.  Or not.  I'll talk to Il Maestro about that tonight.  Despite my good intentions, once I dove into the book full speed...I didn't come out to do my exercises every day and have not memorized my pieces.   

I'm about to take a short nap because it's August in Texas and if you CAN take a siesta in the hot part of the day, you should.   Having made my quota...yes, I can.  

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