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Bread's down for its second rising.   The weather changed while I was making it, which changes the chemistry a bit.   (Humid weather, bread needs more flour.  Warm humid weather, the most.  Cold dry weather, the least.)  And this particular recipe, loaded with the cranberries, nuts, and seeds, is stickier anyway than the plain brown bread.   It wanted to stick to everything--the counter, my hands, the scraper, the rolling pin.  OTOH, I'm wanting the texture.of the mix.

I do it the old-fashioned way because I love to get my hands into the dough and play with it.  (Yes, I liked making mud-pies as a child...why do you even ask?)   So, in a short while it will be ready to bake, and then...ah, then, the "cook's portion", a heel of a hot loaf, with butter. 

Now to tackle the Walton.

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