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From Twitter 08-12-2010

  • 08:59:07: RT @utoxin: @emoontx @robinmckinley Here's some good pictures of them at least: http://bit.ly/d6t7kH
  • 09:24:17: Temporal fallacy: something (idea, object, etc) is good or bad because of its age. Judging value by novelty or longevity.
  • 09:25:39: Personal fallacy: idea/statement/product is good or bad because of who thought/said/made it. Judging value by reputation, not fact.
  • 09:27:19: Old (or new) can be better than new (or old.) Famous/great/Nobel-Prize-winner etc. can be dead wrong; random housewife can be right. Or..
  • 09:28:28: ...the reverse. Stats favor the expert, but in any given time at bat, exceptional batter can strike out.
  • 09:29:12: Cartoon featuring Texas Textbook Massacre: http://www.kevinandkell.com/2010/kk0811.html
  • 09:30:20: Back to work now--have had my Twittering fun for the day (or at least until Book has acquired 2000 more words!) #amwriting
  • 11:30:52: It is not good when a computer begins making a new sound. Doesn't sound like hard drive failure, but still...
  • 12:03:43: RT @awfulagent: http://brilligblogger.blogspot.com/2010/08/fantasy-marketplace.html Joshua looks @ market over past 5 years, what it me ...
  • 12:05:55: And now it's alternating the new sound and the old (non) sound. Downloading mail OK but won't send email. Stops when touched on side...
  • 14:15:47: Strange noise fixed by touching side of box where it's "empty"...thus likely box vibration. Now have something propped to do that. No noise
  • 19:11:47: Only 712 words to go to meet today's quota. They'd better be GOOD words, too. #amwriting
  • 20:46:21: Ah...2000 words, finally. And to the end of the scene may get me another few hundred. #amwriting

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