e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 07:37:31: Tomorrow I leave for Dragon*Con. Am I packed yet? All organized? Ready to step on the train? (Stop sniggering, you in the corner...)
  • 07:38:12: The "to do" list grows like fall spiderwebs, catching me at every turn.
  • 16:59:07: Made a stab at an easy descant during rehearsal this morning--and didn't sing it in the service (had strong sops. Needed altos on melody.)
  • 16:59:59: The bread knife has gone missing. Bought loaf of nice tough sourdough bread...might need to bring in a saw.
  • 17:39:53: Found bread knife. Realized I hadn't yet loaded all the bookmarks and software I want into the netbook...been busy pouring words into wip.
  • 18:05:46: Picking up replacement hot-pink blouse at Chico's resulted in...um...total loss of self-control and acquiring all-but-1 colors of same.
  • 18:07:20: I should now have enough that even another spill won't sink me. (I didn't buy the white one. I have SOME sense. White is gravy magnet.)
  • 18:17:23: Are seven bars of Green & Black's 85% dark chocolate enough? W/that many fans in downtown Atlanta, maybe all chocolate will be gone.
  • 18:18:51: "Lost" and found case for good headphones. Now where's the CD player??? Hv been using computer instead. Bought batteries last wk--where??
  • 19:44:07: RT @kaysea14: Building a Nation of Know-Nothings - http://nyti.ms/bqlPqL
  • 19:45:36: Note to self: when loading password into second computer, notice all the capital letters.
  • 20:02:45: Twitter now working on netbook. Yippee!
  • 20:28:48: USB mouse works w/netbook. Also loaded current version of wip onto netbook. Now if I can just get Tbird to work...
  • 21:09:09: Found CD player & the Bach "Magnificat"/Vivaldi "Gloria" CD I wanted along.

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