e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Travel to Dragon*Con

Monday evening I got on the train to San Antonio (from Austin), got off that train and about 30 minutes later boarded the next, the Sunset Limited on its way from California to New Orleans.   Hit the sack and woke (briefly) when the train left at midnight.  A good trip to New Orleans, marred only by upset stomach from something eaten before the trip or early in it (and I'd brought food, so it's my fault, not the train's.)  

Overnight in New Orleans at Le Pavillon, a hotel I'm very VERY glad I picked off the internet.  Gorgeous old building, wonderful staff.  Then up early (VERY) to catch the 7 am train to Atlanta.  Another very good train trip, with beautiful weather the whole way and a part of the country I had not seen before.  Met interesting people, enjoyed the scenery, and once again found that I write like a bandit when on the train and shut into my own little "office."  Over a thousand words yesterday, when I didn't feel that great, and over 2000 today when I was fine.  Plus time to look at the scenery and talk to people.

Now I'm about to shower and hit the sack because tomorrow I head for the Sheraton to pick up my badge & stuff.

And then the fun begins.
Tags: dragon*con, the writing life, travel
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