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And the Fun Begins: Dragon*Con I

Today was busier than expected.   This is only a partial report (and remind me to put the LJ software people on the list of Those Who Deserve to Be Whacked Upside the Head with a Clue by Four...when I set a font size, it should STAY THAT WAY until I change it.  Not revert every time I need to backspace.....but I digress...)   Having left my good flats at home by accident, I went out to find a replacement...and the Naturalizer store in Peachtree Mall had just the thing.  The store manager is originally from Texas and we had a lovely chat--so of course I handed out my new cards.   Then I wandered into Brooks Brothers, just to see if their sale had anything I wanted (not)  but I had a nice chat with the sales clerk there and she got a couple of cards too because she likes to read.   I explored the way to the Hyatt, just to be sure I knew where to meet my editor later, when I knew things would be busier.  Then back to my hotel to drop the shoes and check email and stuff.  Supposedly, by the instructions I'd gotten, I was to pick up my badge after 3, but I decided to try earlier--so my next foray was back to Peachtree Mall for lunch in the food court, then on to the Sheraton by way of the habitrail to the Marriott (which the obligatory moments of delight at the spectacle of that gorgeous atrium) and then down a hot humid street to the Sheraton, where (since the last time I was at DragonCon) the registration/badge-handling was brilliantly organized with color coding.  I do very well with color coding, and followed "my" yellow stripe across this open space, around a corner, down a passage, and into a room, without having to ask anyone questions.   And I got my badge an hour early.

Then back to the Marriott, through the Marriott, over the bridge to the Hyatt, across the Hyatt, through the Peachtree Mall to Peachtree Street, and up the street to my hotel.  Where I had time to shower, lie down with eyes closed for a little while, before dressing for dinner with editor.  I know someone (Thoreau, I think, but could've been Emerson) said "Beware of any enterprise requiring new clothes" but dinner with editor doesn't require new clothes--it's just more fun.  And an excuse.  So I wore the newly acquired clothes and enjoyed them,l and I got to meet Diana Gabaldon who is delightful, witty, charming, and we ate baby back ribs with the sauce dripping off our fingers. 

One  sour-ish moment of the day was in the food court...and involved several people (two at my table, four at another) who were all discoursing at great length (and in a mix of fashion and ignorance) about food.   The wrong way, which is to say laying down the law about what is/isn't good for you and how they themselves were committed to this wonderful, healthful regimen and how all the problems of (A through Z) could be cured by (in one case) drinking 16 ounces of juiced strawberries a day or by (in another case) alternating days of high carbs, low carbs, and no carbs....etc, etc.  I'm trying to eat my chicken sandwich in peace, but there is no peace, because the Diet Definers are out in force.

I don't mind if someone wants to drink sludge because it's something they saw on an infomercial or drink juiced strawberries because a friend's boyfriend who's a personal trainer said they were the best and only source of everything, or whatever the current fashion is, that they've seen on TV or on the internet or heard from a friend.  But just DO it,  don't go on about it in public, and especially not in a food court.  Talk about food fads somewhere else, if you have to talk about them at all.  In a health club maybe.  Not where other people are eating and trying to enjoy their meal while you blather on about the evils of this and that.

Otherwise, great day.  And now, as Pepys would say, "And so to bed." 

Tags: dragon*con, food faddism
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