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Temput fugit...a lot of it.

I really  did mean to post more than on Twitter every day.  Really.  But Stuff Happened.    An unasked-for rollaway bed appeared in my hotel room Friday night, along with an influx of LSU and UNC football fans to the hotel...it belonged elsewhere, of course.   I can't claim that football fans are noisier than convention fans, overall, but anyone who pounds on a door and yells "Open the damn door!" at or after 11 pm should be hit hard with a clue bat.  I am not a clue bat.    

Saturday morning, the football fans had filled the hotel's breakfast facility and I didn't have time to wait, without risking behind caught on the wrong side of the Dragon*Con parade when I needed to be at the convention itself.  So I boogied on over, enjoying the ample spectacle of crowds lining the street on both sides for blocks, many of them also in costume, and then took the opportunity to find the places I needed that I hadn't found Friday, some of which I still had problems finding later when crowds obscured my "landmarks".   Then came the hour with the Weyrfest people, in which the ceiling fell in during my opening salvo of what was going to  be witty chat, and a quick trip back to my hotel for lunch and retrieval of the netbook, and a quick trip back to the convention for the Del Rey panel, for which the netbook was needed.

Red Shiny did a fine job as a Power Point powerhouse, and aside from my too-eager turning of "pages" a couple of times, the event went off smoothly.  Betsy Mitchell had asked me to read a few pages of Oath of Fealty and had picked the passage...but had to buy a copy here, because I didn't have Oath on the netbook (hadn't thought I'd need it.  This will be remedied when I get home!)   After that was the Awards Banquet, one of the best I've ever attended.  And then I came back to the hotel to find out that my room key didn't work.  Called down, security came up, and discovered that it didn't work because the door's lock wasn't fully engaged--apparently housekeeping, which was about to do my room when I left, hadn't pulled the door all the way closed.  
Nothing was missing that I could see, and I had with me all the most important things (netcook, jewelry around my neck, IDs...) so I showered and went to bed as I was very tired.  About 1 am, I was wakened by hotel security, because they'd gotten the idea (don't know how) that I'd told the hotel a necklace had been stolen.   I said no, nothing had been stolen, just the door had been incompletely closed.  After awhile they went away and I went back to bed, THUD.

Today's (Sunday's) adventures started mildly, with the sight of football fans checking out, some of them, and others straggling into breakfast slowly.  No waiting time, though, and I had a good breakfast before heading back to the convention.  Ran into Bill Fawcett and Jody Lynn Nye at  Larry Smith's table in the dealer's room, and bought Tanya Huff's new Valor book.  The Hyatt main lobby was stuffed with people checking out plus the ones not checking out.  I went over to the Armory to look at things that go boom or have pointy bits or spill brass when operated, and then  I went up to the green room for a little, and then back down (with a loooonnggg wait for the down elevator) to the Delphic Oracle panel in the Weyrfest.   Met up with Betsy after that and we went outside and sat on a planter to get some actual fresh air...then up to the green room briefly until she had to leave for the airport.  Next was the "Politics in SF" panel which was a predictable brawl (and no, I was not sweet reason...no sense in that in the assembled panel...)  and then Jan Stirling and I sloped off to the Hyatt lobby eatery to get something restorative, because I had an hourlong solo gig coming up.

That went extremely well, thanks to Chris Jackson, who kept track of questions and so on.   Then I signed a final spate of books, convention badges, etc, and headed for my hotel.   Have now showered, laid out stuff for tomorrow, and once more quoting Pepys..."And so to bed."
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