e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

The Lost Post Found

Various chores had to be accomplished today and more must come tomorrow.   Not to mention getting on with the book in progress.   Today two characters were giving me trouble...the one who should be in a hot action sequences paused partway down a staircase and could not decide whether to do back up or on down or stay there.  The one who is supposedly humanizing comic relief rattled on and on about things with little connection to the plot and that weren't funny.  I realized then that in the last few chapters I've had two identical old ladies, one apparently "noble" and one apparently "working class," who were exhibiting exactly the same character.   Even in minor characters, This Won't Do.   Since "noble" existed in the previous book (or two...now I've confused myself), it's "working class" who has to develop a separate character.   (But the part about teaching the character presently stuck on the staircase to knit was good...)

Maybe she could be a scold.  Maybe she could be a bore.  (Maybe I should go to bed and think up something better overnight.)    One of the things I need to think up overnight is a way to dry some knit things flat.  My mother used an old window-screen laid on two chairs, but I don't have one.  (Well, yes, I could take the screen off a window and use that, but that would mean opening a window to get the screen off, and it's hot and humid and will be tomorrow, too.)

The hope that the relief of autumn had arrived with the floods is dashed by looking at the long-range forecast, for temps just below 100F and heat indices well over.  I

On the bright side...I'm back home where I can cook (and have the new roasting pan, still unused) and R- put a nail in the former-hall-closet-now-pantry so the All-Clad frying pan is no longer inhabiting any open surface.  A nail is not quite enough...What I need is a way to hang all but the big pots.  

(Would have sworn, but wrongly, that the above was posted last night.  But I was very tired and also having some discomfort issues, and apparently shut down machine without actually hitting "Post" button.)

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