e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 09-11-2010

  • 07:26:49: Last night woke up thinking I was still on the train. Clearly trip-fuzz is not completely out of my brain.
  • 08:18:15: Having managed to find hanging space for frying pan, now want hanging space for other pans. Hmmm...
  • 12:30:52: Ate lunch outside. Came in hot, moist, and mosquito-bitten, but having seen gorgeous dragonflies.
  • 13:04:30: Picture that's appeared on my twitter page is same as on one of my 80acres business cards. W'd like to put more of my pix up. How?
  • 13:07:29: HA! Went into Settings and tiled the wildflower picture as background. Field of yellow and red-brown and purple. FUN!
  • 13:11:53: Obviously, I'm avoiding work. I'm avoiding work because...I'm sleepy. The bites itch. I'm home and there are distractions. Nap?
  • 17:38:41: Still happy w/self for figuring out how to tile my own wildflower picture across Twitter background. It's the small things...
  • 17:41:24: White-wing dove flew headlong into my study window w/loud BANG and broke its neck. W'd be sad but we have lots & they bully smaller birds.
  • 19:07:00: Cool front north of us sliding east: I am SO ready for the first norther.

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