e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 09-12-2010

  • 08:08:24: I'm ready for post-trip aches and brain-fuzz to be gone. They're lounging around in joints, sinuses, and neural junctions, unwanted guests.
  • 08:22:33: Friend sent me pix of recent vacation including her son and an older man juggling--including on tight rope. Wow.
  • 09:45:41: RT @io9: Best and worst childbirth scenes in science fiction and fantasy http://io9.com/5633419/
  • 10:08:30: Didn't realize I'd left a Sousa CD in the boombox when I left for Atlanta. THAT woke me up just now...ending in stalking down hall w/sword.
  • 10:10:35: But will it help get Ummph (teenage angsty character) to quit angsting and start acting? Think I'll switch to someone else w/energy.
  • 13:20:26: RT @NASA: Here's a MODIS image of Hurricane Igor churning in the Atlantic: http://bit.ly/aLHVge
  • 13:24:07: W/all the restrictions, conventions handing out large/bulky/odd-looking awards should always offer to ship them for recipients.
  • 18:07:33: Woke from nap once more convinced I was on train--my brain's still not totally functional. Better, though--some pages done today.
  • 22:31:52: RT @KateElliottSFF: The thing about COLD FIRE is that I am having to write draft 1 to please & indulge myself, after which I will revise ...

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