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From Twitter 09-13-2010 [Sep. 14th, 2010|04:01 am]

  • 09:02:26: Mixed cereal for the next month. (Cereals, seeds, nuts mixed in 5 gal. tub & then poured into 1 gal glass jars.)
  • 10:51:41: Theoden riding down the line, touching the spears with his sword...that's one that grabs me by the heart and throat.
  • 11:52:15: For all dog owners: Dorrana Durgin's comments on loose dogs...get a clue and use that leash.
  • 13:13:23: Just got message that someone (not named) is having trouble sending email to my e-addy. Odd, because I'm getting email via that address.
  • 13:14:16: Don't know who sent the message, and am not eager to click on links that aren't validated to "update setting" or "try sending messages."
  • 19:32:31: First trial of new roasting pan. Who knew a better roasting pan could make that much difference? And easy to clean. Win/win.

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[User Picture]From: blueeowyn
2010-09-14 02:02 pm (UTC)
Re: "Theoden riding down the line, touching the spears with his sword", yup, very powerful. Especially with live symphony & chorus to back it up.
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