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All-Clad Joy

I've now used the All-Clad roasting pan.  OMG.  Not only is it sturdy (and heavy!) but it cleans up SO easily compared to the old alumninum one.  No pits.  Stuff not sticking.  Toss in the gluggle of red wine to deglaze and that's what happens...off come the brown bits and into the soup they go.  A little bit of scuffing up with a nylon scrubber--no real effort--was all it took to get one more stuck bit off the bottom, and in one run through the hot & soapy, I had a clean roaster.

And the handles.  They are positioned exactly where I need them and are easy to use with hot pads or towels on your hands.  I feel certain, when I get hold of them, that the roaster isn't going to slip or tip or anything like that.

And the rack.  Sturdy and stays put when you add or remove a chunk of meat(unlike my old rack, which regularly collapsed in a heap if you breathed on it) and is easy to clean (again, unlike my old rack, which had all sorts of unhandy little places for food to stick.)  It used to take me 20 minutes to get the rack clean--this time it was swish, swish, a quick brushover with the dish brush, and...done.  The rack is nonstick-coated; the roaster is just the d5 stainless, not nonstick--except with the finish they give it, it practically is.

If I had known how much better these pots were than what I was using, I might have tried to buy one every few years, way back when.  (Even one every five years would have meant getting better pots sooner.)  Think of the time I would  not have spent scouring and scrubbing and fretting. OTOH, I'm so enjoying them now!  Yesterday and today I've had both the roaster and the 8 quart stock pot going, as the date (but not the weather) has pushed me into fall/winter cooking mode.  (Make stock, make soup, start filling freezer so next year, when it hits 100F, I have enough stock & soup & curry & stuff to last the summer.)

Yesterday & today's soup is one of my beef/vegetable ones:  range-fed beef in chunks, homemade beef stock, Ro-tel tomatoes & green chilis, two colors of fire-roasted peppers (yellow, red), onion, garlic (wild garlic this time), celery, carrot, green beans, black beans, potatoes, mushrooms, a gluggle of red wine, some mustard, peppercorns, bay leaves, mixed herbs.  I may add a can of corn (our garden's long past--we ate the last out of the garden in early July and we're about to plant the fall garden.)  

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