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From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 08:20:21: RT @robinmckinley: Intrstng list *NOT* spoiled by calling BEST RT @PublishersWkly: Daily Beast list 10 Smart YA Books 4 after #HungerGam ...
  • 08:54:24: RT @patinagle: Scalzi: Writing - find the time or don't http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/09/16/writing-find-the-time-or-dont/
  • 08:56:37: RT @NASA: Update on the Ozone Hole from NASA's Aura satellite: it's getting close to its annual maximum now. http://go.usa.gov/x07
  • 08:58:22: Figured out who the other traitor is, in Book III. Family matters. OTOH may be too late for the young guy who was showing promise.
  • 10:26:52: New England Journal of Medicine had article on the hundreds of millions the insurance lobby will spend to block regs helping patients.
  • 10:27:40: If there's anyone who still believes the insurance companies' lavish TV ads about how they "care" consider why they're lobbying so hard.
  • 11:05:19: Note to self: just because a blade design is striking (flamberge) does not mean it belongs in the book.
  • 12:52:47: Not only did I paint my characters into a corner, I mixed Super-glue into the paint. Must deconstruct plot section to get them out.
  • 12:52:53: RT @BarackObama: Elizabeth Warren understands what I strongly believe—that a strong, growing economy begins with a strong and thriving m ...
  • 12:55:56: Time for the team of ninjas, the APV with a squad of Marines, or at least a handy...um...cow? Is there a cow? Sheep? Goat?
  • 17:47:36: Water is falling out of the sky with amazing abundance. And R & M just left to watch the local HS football game....
  • 17:49:00: ....which is across the flood-prone creek at the downstream end of town. Hope this isn't happening to friend whose house was flooded.
  • 18:07:09: And they came back, game cancelled, and now it's not raining but more looks to be coming.
  • 23:00:56: Firefox shuffles the order of my bookmark folders when it updates. Want weather up top.

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