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From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 08:19:14: RT @robinmckinley: RT @Joannechocolat RT @cjredwine blog post I nvr dreamed I'd write Rape survivor speaks on censoring SPEAK http://tin ...
  • 09:11:47: 1200 words so far...Monday's being a good workday. #amwriting. No plot bombs, but steady progress. Who knows what when kind of stuff.
  • 09:13:17: Although, as a whole, ms. is considerably out of order--following POV strands means temporal continuity is shot until re-organized. #writing
  • 09:50:22: Transferring image files from desktop to external hard drive. LOTS of files, and all of them several Mb. But need to clear space here.
  • 10:26:48: This bit of plot origami just unfolded to another unexpected shape. There was a hint (a chapter or so back) but wasn't sure if it was real.
  • 13:50:21: Note to self: 20+ gigs of image files will never fit in a 4 gig thumb drive. DUH.
  • 13:51:17: 2000 words in the can, more coming. Rough, very rough, but important stuff that is going to have serious implications for everybody.
  • 13:52:15: And the character's mother is going to have even more conniptions.
  • 22:13:19: RT @kaysea14: First Habitable Exoplanet Could Be Discovered by May | Wired Science | Wired.com http://t.co/mp7yDtT

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