e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 09-24-2010

  • 11:19:38: RT @JSCarroll: ‎"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." Twyla
  • 11:21:29: External hard drives talking busily to each other, moving files. Also daily scan running. Soup in process in the kitchen. Awaiting front.
  • 16:36:50: R- making real progress on the arbor-trellis thingie. Book progress today nil, however. So far. Sun's still up; there's hope.
  • 17:51:46: New post up on http://www.paksworld.com/blog/ A side-story long out of print now up on website (link at blog)
  • 17:52:27: RT @awfulagent: Sales comparisons in an e-book age http://bit.ly/b6Qdzy newest blog post from Joshua uses new @tanyahuff novel as starti ...
  • 23:23:06: RT @Glinner: "if you are earning more than $1million a year and are complaining about a 3.6% tax increase, then you are by definition a ...

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