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The Week Ahead

Continue "braid" of POV strands of book, and writing connective tissue.   Casting cold eye on certain scenes, as I need to free up wordage for stuff at the end and missing bits in the middle.   Really, really, really need to get this monster in shape.

Practice music for a) lesson Wednesday afternoon,  and b) great big Durufle rehearsal Wednesday night.  Finish transferring director's marks to score of Durufle (they're up online...) and make sure to know the tricky bits so won't be thrown off by others who don't.

Make banana bread tomorrow, as the bananas are now at the overripe mushy stage.

Make chicken stock (we're out and winter's coming.)   This involves a trip to the big grocery that will take (travel time included) a couple of hours. 

Find another chunk of Mr. Muscle to turn into soup/stew for friends still recovering from flood...they liked the first batch and would like more.  Should deliver that Saturday, which means starting with the frozen meat on Thursday and making the soup on Friday.

Farrier will be here Friday to prune hooves on DramaQueen and BananaFace.  That means I can schedule a vet visit for next week, maybe, but also means I need to do some ground work on those two every day before farrier comes, as they haven't been worked since before Dragon*Con.  


Tags: choral singing, life in the country, the writing life

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