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Starting to thaw is a block of beef short ribs from the most recent of our calves (Mr. T (bone). )    That's because I bought the cooking wine last night, so I can make the appropriate libations over the ribs, along with some garlic, peppercorns, and various other things.   Short ribs are not my favorite part of a critter, but there's not a lot of choice right now.  The freezer is way...there's less than a layer of things on the bottom...I can defrost it (it's a manual defrost chest freezer) and then we can start filling it up again. 

We are lucky enough to have our own beef.  I have a few mama cows who live with their relatives on a larger place; we trade half our calf crop for pasturage.   Grass-fed, of course, and living untroubled lives in the pasture with  their herd-mates, handled enough by people on foot that they aren't spooked by it.  Then they go (one by one) to a small custom slaughterhouse, which does the cutting, wrapping, and freezing.    It's not the same meat you find in the supermarket.   Lean, perhaps a little tougher, and incredible beef flavor.   Making soups and stews from this meat is a cook's joy...there's something there to work with.  

When I was a kid, during the '50s drought, a friend of my grandfather's gave us meat, range beef, and my mother made soups and stews I still remember.  Mine aren't exactly like hers (I don't think she ever put barley in her beef soups--I do.)  But the principle is the same and I feel very connected to my cooking foremothers when I make soup or bread or any of the foundation foods.

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