e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Drying out...

After several weeks with  no significant rain, it's still drying out...water is no longer flowing at the north (tractor) ford, though the ground is muddy and there's a pool upstream, under the fence.  Westbook isn't flowing, though there's a pool ending well upstream of the rock crossing.   The east overflow and the main creek are still flowing (minimally) through the mid-creek woods to the south end. 

Dragonflies and damselflies are still around and so are butterflies, spiders, and grasshoppers of various kinds.  And the fall migrant and winter-resident birds are showing up.  Last week it was the quickly-hiding yellow-something warbler (not seen long enough to be IDed, just a flash of canary yellow) and this week it was a waterthrush, picking its way along the margin of the Westbrook pool.  No good picture of it, just one good enough for ID.  However, it wasn't long before neighbors to the west started walking around their field shooting (a variety of weapons, too--not just birdhunting with shotguns) and this sent the birds into hiding.  Me, too, when shotgun pellets started pattering on the leaves between me and the west fence.  

  This classy-looking grasshopper isn't like any I've seen before.  it behaved differently, too.  About the time I saw it, it saw me and stuck its head under a leaf, like a dog hiding its head under a chair.  I stood very still and it came out slowly...and I finally got this picture.  Most grasshoppers freeze, jump, or fly...they don't usually scuttle over and get under a leaf...

Tags: dry, grasshopper, wildlife

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