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From Twitter 10-20-2010 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 10-20-2010 [Oct. 21st, 2010|04:01 am]

  • 09:15:46: RT @robinmckinley: 1 parent cannot set curriculum: Yes RT @radmilibrarian New Hampshire Parent Challenges 'The Hunger Games' http://t.c ...
  • 09:22:44: RT @NASA: Satellite data reveals that massive "fire-breathing dragon of clouds" are more common than thought. http://go.usa.gov/aRv
  • 12:28:56: RT @NASA: Real World Design Challenge http://bit.ly/chIqO4 kicks off today with NASA aeronautics mentors and judges
  • 12:30:33: RT @NASA: Just because its gorgeous: Alaskan glacier from our Terra satellite. Amazing what you can see with infrared. http://go.usa.gov/anY
  • 12:41:02: Proof of goofing off--trying to get a word count on the ms from the "Tools" button in Firefox while in Twitter.
  • 12:41:48: Just because I came in from hanging out clothes, was that a reason to sneak off to the internet?
  • 13:17:46: RT @KSmithSF: Kochs, Chamber, Beck and big business plot to steal it all http://t.co/pYQ4T4j
  • 13:19:18: I never thought two characters originally sep. by place & time would end up talking to each other--both names starting with Ar-. Urg.
  • 13:22:32: RT @NASA: [News] NASA Open Government Summit Emphasized Data Exchange: NASA is working to publish more of its data sets onli... http://b ...
  • 18:25:22: RT @KSmithSF: IL-Sen: Kirk fundraised in China, then voted to ship jobs overseas http://t.co/9XrUCHb

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From: (Anonymous)
2010-10-21 07:40 pm (UTC)

Supporting you.

Just bought 3 of your books via amazon.
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