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From Twitter 10-24-2010 [Oct. 25th, 2010|04:01 am]

  • 07:21:06: RT @AdviceToWriters: The only impeccable writers are those who never wrote. WILLIAM HAZLITT #writing
  • 07:22:44: RT @DorannaDurgin: Of course, if there's going to be a tornado in New Mexico--WTF?--it's going to be in Roswell.
  • 16:05:34: Picked up chicken on way home and started stock in new, smaller stockpot (12 qt.) House smells delicious now.
  • 17:39:22: RT @ColleenLindsay: My tax attorney wore footie pajamas covered in dinosaurs for our meeting. Then she made me a roast beef sandwich. #o ...
  • 17:39:30: RT @vondanmcintyre: Sunday's free fiction at - Nautilus, Chapter 6. Serial free, ebooks reasonable, Starfar ...
  • 17:42:28: It's just slightly possible that I overdid the amount of vegetation in the stock. This pot cooks faster than monster pot.
  • 20:43:01: Stock is done. Chicken meat is packaged. Dishes washed. Huge diff between 22 qt stockpot and 12 qt stockpot. Tired but happy cook.
  • 20:45:53: Contest for ARC of Kings of the North at

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