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West Woods on a Cloudy Day

I went out today with Bird One, my birding lens (it's longer and faster than my zoom lens)  and lucked into a bird convention in the west woods.   I didn't recognize all the calls I heard, or birds I saw...they were zipping in and out through the understory and trees, busily calling and singing and making a lovely riotous noise of birds.  Among the birds I know for sure were there were cardinals, mockingbirds, painted buntings (juvies), a red-bellied woodpecker (male), Carolina chickadee, Bewick's wren, a Wilson's Warbler and two other warblers I couldn't ID, white-eyed vireos, blue jays, white-winged doves...and the bird I had come to photograph, that I'd seen the other day when I had only the zoom lens and no monopod or tripod, a waterthrush.  I don't know which waterthrush (Louisiana or Northern) but definitely one of the two. 

The other bird I got a good picture of was the Wilson's Warbler, glowing yellow in the muted light, with a pert black cap.

Tags: birds, photography, wildlife

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