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An't Dead Yet

As the Twitter feed has shown, I've been sick for over a week.   I'm still not well, but I'm able to write fiction again (a good sign) though not at my usual rate yet. 

I can now sleep four hours at a time without waking up in coughing spasms.   I still have them, but less often.   And I can stay up for four hours at a time and actually semi-accomplish things, though walking around outside for ten minutes is exhausting.   I've been informed by a reliable witness that I'm showing all the crankiness of a recovering sickie, and hope this means I can progress to the non-cranky stage of wellness in another few hours.  

At least this time didn't progress to pneumonia, something I hope is due to the efficacy of the pneumonia immunization I had in August. 

For those who hate days upon days of nothing but Twitter copies--sorry.  I could manage reTweeting things, or writing 140 characters now and then, but not more than that, in addition to trying to work on the book.

The roses came today and will be planted tomorrow morning...and in a few years we may have big roses all over the new structure (we can't decide its proper name...it started as a bridge and now has a top designed to support climbing plants.)   The two we bought are supposed to have great fragrance.   R- built them raised beds (one on either side of the south end of the structure) and put in soil mixed with very very aged horse manure (i.e., not too hot.)  

Aside from that...it's work on the book and (when I can stagger to the grocery store) getting ready for Thanksgiving next week.

Tags: gardening, life in the country, the writing life
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