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A note on Re-tweets - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A note on Re-tweets [Nov. 28th, 2010|08:49 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |awake]

Re-tweets from my Twitter account are posted here along with original tweets (but not @soandso tweets.)  Re-tweets are not the same as posts: I didn't write them, and some do not reflect my opinion.   Some of course do.   I retweet several kinds of things, any of which might be of interest to some of the people who read this LJ--none is likely to be of interest to all.   Retweeting a link given is not an agreement with the link, a disagreement with the link, or anything more than "Hey, this might interest some people."   I re-tweet all the announcements for Book View Cafe because I have friends selling their book through BVC.   This includes books I may not want to read myself--but someone else may, and helping friends spread the word about Book View Cafe itself, and their work,  is something I'm glad to do.  It includes many re-tweets from NASA (esp. when they've posted pretty pictures) for those interested in space exploration and related topics.   Re-tweets relating to the writing process, or criticism, or the book business, too.   I miss a lot of stuff I might've re-tweeted if I had more time and kept up with everything that shows up on my Twitter account.   So there's an uneven amount day to day, and an uneven spread across topics I sometimes re-tweet about.  

I already have more online commitments than I can keep up with comfortably, so comments to the Twitter feed go mostly unread and unanswered.   It's tough enough keeping up with comments on what I actually write, on this and other blogs. 
If you think you wouldn't like a book on Book View Cafe, or you are opposed to space exploration, or you disagree with the opinion of a blogger on a site somewhere--don't bother to tell me and expect a discussion.   The re-tweets can take you to the original person who tweeted about that, and to the sites, and it's really at the sites that you can express yourself and hope for a response. 

And now, back to the novel in progress.