e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 07:31:17: RT @ISS_NatLab: Though Discovery will launch NET 17 December, work on the ISS continues. http://fb.me/KwKJW6ro
  • 07:34:45: Post-freeze dead/dry vegetation + low humidity + strong gusty winds = fire conditions. Hope deer hunters are being careful.
  • 07:37:55: Yesterday afternoon, small falcon zipped through back yard: watch out, winter resident songbirds.
  • 08:44:12: RT @sarahmei: Why Gender is a Text Field on Diaspora: http://bit.ly/hTcgGf #diaspora
  • 12:39:44: RT @patinagle: RT @bookviewcafe: Today's Special from Steven Harper: Trickster, a novel of the Silent Empire. Read for free at http://ww ...
  • 12:39:50: RT @patinagle: RT @bookviewcafe: On the BVC blog: Judith Tarr on "Sangha, Community, Herd" http://blog.bookviewcafe.com/
  • 12:53:01: RT @NASA: 3 Intl Space Station residents land safely on snowy steppes of Kazakhstan. NASA TV’s YouTube Channel http://go.nasa.gov/gzDmip
  • 14:42:17: RT @NASAastrodoc: Anatomy of a Spacesuit, Working in Space http://bit.ly/dbtwHh
  • 14:43:07: RT @NASA: RT @IceBridge The edge of Antarctic ice, almost 200' high, along the Getz Ice Shelf, from one of our DC8 flights. http://go.us ...
  • 23:10:16: Revision, revision, revision. Hate it when a scene just ironed out smoothly rumples up again and proves problem wasn't solved. #writing

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