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Slow Recovery

Am finally waking up awake in the morning, and getting through every other afternoon without a nap.   Energy low, but returning in dribs and drabs.   Work chugging along (still slow, but at least moving) on the book.

This means actual posts to my various blogs will be scantier--both in numbers and length--until I'm caught up (if such a miracle is even possible.)   Spending most of November feverish and coughing my lungs out was not helpful.   However, I will drop in from time to time and give a progress report on something.  It might be me, the book, the house (where a major door repair project is now cumbering the utility room with a door, two of whose edges are bristling with clamps),  the garden, the critters...something.  

Today's progress report is "slow recovery", "slow progress" on book,  "slow cooking" (about to start a soup-of-the-week) and the need to get back to work.  Like, um, now.
Tags: life in the country, the writing life

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