e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-04-2010

  • 07:45:02: The "late" red oaks are now (in past day or two) turning their brilliant reds. One's outside study window. Yum!
  • 10:43:20: Stubborn knot in scene resisting any fix. #writing
  • 11:39:29: RT @NASA: The Emerald Isle was painted white by snow this week. The big-picture view from our Aqua satellite. http://go.usa.gov/19a
  • 14:08:06: Soup now in larger pot...I hope I can keep it in the 12 qt pot. Red, yellow, and orange pepper strips went in, also mushrooms & mustard.
  • 15:24:31: And soup's done (for now--is any soup ever "done"?) Finished with juice of one lime. Too bad it's not suppertime yet.
  • 21:50:45: RT @KSmithSF: Tell Secretary Sebelius to listen to women, not Catholic Bishops: Help ensure women's reproductive health is covered: http ...
  • 21:58:39: RT @KSmithSF: Rachel Maddow on Ronald Reagan's Failed Trickle-Down Voodoo Economics http://t.co/br5zUrs
  • 22:11:35: RT @KSmithSF: Baby hummer http://j.mp/gLUQhn

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