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From Twitter 12-06-2010 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 12-06-2010 [Dec. 7th, 2010|03:01 am]

  • 07:43:38: Ch-ch-chilly morning, v. clear and still. Ice fringing pond. V. beautiful soft colors w/bold red of last oaks flaming in early light.
  • 07:47:39: Twitter is fun/ but I must run/ there's work to be done/ by setting sun. And so I say/ have all a good day. (back to book: #writing)
  • 09:44:50: RT @RebeccaYork43: Tell your Senators to oppose ANY extension of tax cuts for the rich - http://bit.ly/h4j7Ig @Boldprogressive #p2
  • 10:51:53: RT @NASA: Get the latest on the first commercial launch licensed to orbit and reenter Earth today at 1:30 PM ET on NASA TV. http://altu ...
  • 10:52:02: RT @marjoriemliu: Such a great tip. RT @legalnomads How my safety whistle has saved me (3 times!) on my round-the-world trip: http://bit ...
  • 13:13:56: Twitter is not the worst temptation. The worst temptation is the live feed from the ISS.
  • 15:28:40: RT @KSmithSF: The Reagan Tax Hikes--oh yes, he did. And no, the Bush tax cuts did not help the economy. http://t.co/MuxjBN9
  • 15:29:40: RT @KSmithSF: Social Security cuts and class warfare http://t.co/s8Sbo3n

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