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From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 07:43:39: RT @NASA: The Falcon 9 launch is now scheduled for 9:06am EST. SpaceX Webcast of launch should start momentarily. http://go.nasa.gov/hyOk2z
  • 07:55:34: Drat. NASA TV just went black for me. Other internet bits working OK, so probably not me, but NASA. #Falcon9launch
  • 08:00:15: Aha...screen back up on Media Channel @NASA_TV (not public channel yet) so hopefully will get to watch launch.
  • 08:01:39: Still no sound or anything but a 'cover logo' on @NASA_TV. (Wait--SOUND! T-minus 5 minutes!)
  • 08:09:26: Launch aborted at T-minus 2min48 sec. V. interesting to hear abort safety sequences.
  • 08:12:22: Back to work on book. Decided to dump one POV sx, use someone else's reaction to someone's disappearance. #writing
  • 08:26:36: RT @SpaceXMissions: Countdown clock is recycled and held at T-13 minutes. We have 2 more launch opportunities today. 10:38 - 10:42 AM ...
  • 08:36:41: RT @NASAKennedy: SpaceX controllers have resumed liquid oxygen loading. Working towards 10:42 am launch depending on resolution of issue ...
  • 09:36:19: RT @NASA: The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch countdown has resumed. Launch is at 10:43am EST.
  • 09:36:42: Listening to SpaceX Falcon 9 countdown at T-minus 7 minutes.
  • 09:37:26: Discovered can write fantasy while listening to countdown...will go to NASA window when we're closer to launch. #writing.
  • 09:41:32: Hearing "Go for launch" sends me straight back to visual on @NASA_TV
  • 09:43:42: LIFTOFF!
  • 09:49:26: I do like to see those birds fly....
  • 10:10:58: RT @AlanStern: Way to Go SpaceX-- Falcon 9 is two for two! Now Dragon's turn to debut! Already a good day for Commercial Space!
  • 10:29:39: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @authorterryo: 50% off When Danger Calls at Smashwords. Check here for coupon code, my washer disaster, and more: ...
  • 10:29:46: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @LLBartlettbooks: My #ebook Murder On The Mind was featured by @FrugaleReader. Weeee! http://tinyurl.com/2clzzdn
  • 10:30:01: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to PATRICIA ROSEMOOR -- Patricia Rosemoor Writes Dangerous Love
  • 10:30:15: RT @NASA: See a video of today's launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 for NASA's COTS Program: http://go.nasa.gov/hISqBZ
  • 12:02:41: RT @samuelpepys: My discourse with Sir W. Coventry was upon the unhappiness of having our matters examined by people that understand the ...
  • 12:06:48: RT @RebeccaYork43: At http://getlostinastory.blogspot.com, I'm also talking about how I overcame dyslexia to become a published novelist.
  • 13:20:48: RT @NASA: The SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft has successfully splashed down in the ocean. Mission success!
  • 13:21:18: RT @NASA: The SpaceX post-mission news conference is scheduled for 3:30 pm EST and will be carried on NASA TV. http://www/nasa.gov/ntv
  • 15:47:22: RT @SpaceXer: Recovery crew has put the floats on the Dragon already.
  • 15:48:32: RT @jasonpinter: As you get older, you realize being that nerdy kid who read all the time was the best thing that could have happened to ...
  • 15:49:01: RT @green_knight: Writing: when you're so caught up in 'how will protag get tea' that you drop two teabags - different flavours - into y ...
  • 15:50:04: RT @NASA: Astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Telescope have found a huge, hot, egg-shaped planet unusually abundant in carbon: http://go.n ...
  • 21:38:39: RT @JodyLynnNye: And loud snorting was heard through the household at John #Scalzi's spot-on and evilly funny misleading fantasy reviews ...

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