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Soup of the Day [Dec. 12th, 2010|05:56 pm]
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Chicken & Ham with Tomatoes, Green Chilis, Black Beans & Barley

1 quart homemade chicken stock  (from freezer)
2 cups cubed cooked chicken  (from freezer)
1 cup cubed cooked ham (from freezer--removed from 3 cup packet)
1 small (old regular) can of Ro-tel diced tomatoes & green chilis with lime juice & cilantro
1 can black beans, drained
1 cup pearl barley
3 leftover button mushrooms, sliced
about half of an orange bell pepper, sliced into strips
about a third of a (larger) green bell pepper, sliced into strips
some Italian seasoning (herb mix)

This emptied a box of mushrooms (which have gone into two big soups and several other meals), and left me with one more meal's worth of bell peppers (green & orange) to play with.  It leaves me with two cups of cubed ham (and several more packets, 2 cups each, of chicken and turkey) in the freezer.

The barley's getting done.  It looks scrumptious; I hope it tastes that way.

Once you have your quart of homemade chicken stock and your packets of cubed cooked chicken (or turkey, or ham, or both) just about anything else you add will work.  A little leftover Italian or Polish sausage? Slice it up and toss it in.  Chopped/diced celery and/or carrots?  Sure.  Parsley, of course.   That bell pepper (any color) languishing in the fridge?   Yup.  You can of course do without the starch, but if you want one, rice or barley are equally good, and you could throw in some pasta.  Diced tomatoes & green chilis--a dash of lemon or lime juice--chopped greens--any kind of cooked beans (I just happen to like black beans a lot.  Red or white beans would work just fine.)  You could even use potatoes, though I usually save those for beef-based soups.  Whole kernel corn, of course, if you like.

Time to eat, I think... 

(Well, yes, of course you can use store-bought chicken stock or chicken broth.   I just prefer my own.   Which has no salt,  no preservatives,  and the mix of flavors I chose to put in the pot when making stock.   You can use store-bought everything--and I certainly do use Ro-Tel's diced tomatoes & green chilis as I'm a lousy tomato-dicer, and canned black beans, and no, we don't grow our own barley.  So no guilt trips intended, however you do it.  Including buying a can of soup and just heating that up.)

[User Picture]From: catsittingstill
2010-12-13 05:52 pm (UTC)
A can of tomato soup with some onions and mushrooms chopped in is very nice. Sometimes I make rice and add it.

A can of pumpkin mash plus a can of chicken broth makes a nice low calorie, high fiber soup. Some people add apple juice and pumpkin pie spices. Pumpkin mash plus canned coconut milk plus some sugar and pumpkin pie spices is also a very nice soup, but not low calorie anymore.
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[User Picture]From: mrs_redboots
2010-12-14 02:25 pm (UTC)
I'm just making a tomato soup - onion, tomato, red pepper, a bagful of tomatoes (from the supermarket - living in a flat in London I can't grow my own), and they are cooking down gently in some olive oil. When cooked, will put through blender and add some veggie stock.

What I like in my soups is noodles, often home-made - just whizz some flour (gram flour if you want gluten-free) with an egg or some olive oil and a little water, and push through a potato ricer straight into the soup, let simmer for a few minutes.

And those left-over peppers? Wrap in foil and cook in a hottish oven for about 30 minutes until they are all collapsed and lovely! Am planning to do that for the Husband's 60th tomorrow, as I know he adores them.
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