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Fencing practice

Some days, when you have a headache, something you ate didn't quite cooperate, your feet feel like they weigh eighty pounds each, and it's hot and humid, you really don't want to go to fencing practice.  At least I don't.  It means driving fifty miles on a crowded, noisy highway on the way in, and fifty miles on a crowded, noisy highway on the way home...plus the expense of gas, plus  I always end up eating something...etc.

But particularly once you're over fifty (and I'm a decade past that)  if you skip fencing practice every time you don't feel like it, you end up not going for this reason and not going for that, and then...you're not really in the salle anymore.  You're one of those people who 'used to fence.'   

So, having missed last week due to the weather, I went.   It was miserable (hot, humid, breathless)  and it was the usual fun.  Both.   I didn't fence particularly well, but this time it was with people 30 years younger than me...and I made them sweat a little.  Got a touch on one of them.  Was able to help another change the angle of her wrist to relieve strain on her elbow tendons.   Used to be, I wouldn't  have spotted why she was having pain there...so I felt good about that.  Heard the news about A and B and so on, which is always fun.

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