e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

On Spam Buckets & Email & Blog Comments

When the spam load is low enough, I can peruse the spam buckets and find the occasional (<1%) legitimate message that was snagged, and rescue it.

When the spam load is higher, I delete 'em all...I don't have time to look through everything (multiple email accounts and blogs.)

This probably means I miss some things.  I don't care.  By this time, everyone using the internet should know some of the basics:  put something meaningful in the subject line (no subject, "greetings," "hi," and "from a friend" are not likely to make it through the sieve, for instance.)   Send to one or a very few recipients at a time.   Don't include lots of URLs.   Occasionally something non-spam gets in the spam bucket for something unexpected, and--on a light-spam day--I'm glad to rescue those.  On a heavy-spam day, they're flushed with the rest.

A few people I've pulled from the spam bucket before (they broke one or more simple rules but the spam load was low) just won't get an answer on days the spam load is high.

Maybe they'll learn.  And maybe, if they don't, it won't bother me.  
Tags: blog comments, email, spam

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