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Verizon: score zero

My hosting company connects to the internet through Verizon.   When they need to take a server down for repair, and then bring it back online, they need Verizon's techs to flip certain switches at the Verizon end of things. 

Verizon is...um....not particularly interested in giving swift, efficient service, apparently.  Take, for instance, last night.  The hosting server developed some glitches in late afternoon/early evening, and after checking it out, the tech team at the hosting end decided it needed some replacement components.   They got this done with admirable speed and efficiency...and then began the wait for Verizon to a) answer a request for service and b) provide the service.   Since they reported to customers (including me) on Twitter, I was able to follow the sequence of events.  First hour or so, Verizon simply ignored the request.  Then Verizon's night supervisory person said it would take a couple of hours.   Hours went by.  Then the night supervisory person said that actually, there wasn't anyone on the shift who could flip those switches or twist those dials and it would have to wait until the next day (today) when the day shift came on.  

It is, as some may have noticed, broad day--mid-morning, in fact--in this time zone.   Hosting company has been in contact with Verizon, which is apparently using every possible level of interference rather than just doing its job and doing the reset...because time is passing (well over a half hour of time has passed since the hosting company said it had finally reached Verizon's day shift supervisory person) and whatever needs to be done still hasn't been done. 

The last time the hosting company needed a reset from Verizon, it also took much longer than you'd think would be necessary.    But this sets a new record, as far as I know.  And this is not some individual user who is having a single individual problem...this is a commercial user all of whose customers (and their customers) are not having access to their websites.   All because Verizon isn't providing even minimally acceptable customer service.    

So not happy with Verizon.    So glad hosting company has offered updates on situation.

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