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Choir again

I finally made it back to choir--still with a wheezy sort of cough but much, much better than a few weeks ago, when I sounded like my lungs might just come all the way out in pieces.   Singing does interesting things to sinuses and lungs, so I had a few episodes of Le Cough which...but the details are disgusting and I leave them to your imagination.

Made it through the rehearsal, but was fairly wiped out by not only the rehearsal itself (David's rehearsals are never exactly restful) but the traffic-filled drive in and out, and the one errand I ran (picking up a Christmas present for a friend's kid.)   Shaky-tired by the time I got home.

But awake.    Possibly more awake than when I left for the city, as I managed to leave my music bag here at the house (discovered that partway to the city, when I reached for it--it lives between the front seats of the car--to get a cough drop.   And very good to make contact with choir friends again.   Only three of the many altos there tonight will be singing the 11:15 service Sunday; I'm one of them.  S-, N-, and I will do fine.   David said "It's going to be sort of like a chamber choir" and we looked at him.   "But very nice," he said.  Uh-huh.   So I'd better not trip over a rock or anything between now and then.  The voice is no worse than it usually is when I haven't had a lesson in over a month.  

Stopped for gas on the way home--remembered we were out of potatoes again, and also out of homemade chicken stock, so went into the grocery store and came out with the makings of stock (chickens, celery, more garlic, parsley--I have the carrots and onions already), the potatoes, and a gorgeous red bell pepper that somehow attached itself to my hand.    Must get to bed, and get stock started early in the morning.

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