e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 09:04:57: Time to throw the chickens in the pot and get cookin'.
  • 10:57:29: V. worried about friends in UK w/o heat & scant prospect of fuel delivery.
  • 11:03:28: Chicken stock in progress beginning to smell really good. Monster carrot so big that I used only one.
  • 11:12:46: Migraine finally letting up...back to the book now. (Woke up with it before dawn. Blech.)
  • 12:48:58: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @emperorsclothes: I'm giving away six ebooks by Beth Orsoff and Eddie Stack : http://wik.io/I2P8U
  • 12:49:31: RT @NASA: [Image of the Day] Opportunity's View of Santa Maria Crater, Sol 2450: NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opport... http://go.nasa. ...
  • 12:50:41: Large easy pieces of chicken meat now cooling in fridge (thanks, R-!) and stock still simmering to get all the good out of bones/vegetables.
  • 12:51:04: Hurrying to write down plot bomb before it evaporates from memory.
  • 15:12:46: RT @cuppy: Hospital saves woman’s life; is told by Catholic leadership not to do it again. http://bit.ly/gieWks
  • 22:53:50: By 9 pm had everything done and cleaned up, but for pot of stock chilling overnight in fridge before being packaged for freezer tomorrow.

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