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Eclipse Curtailed

I went out in brilliant moonlight (which illuminated the filmy high clouds as well) before the eclipse started, lying on my back in the big field so I could see it clearly.    Came in to rouse dh when I could tell it was starting and by the time I got back to the house, it was pretty obvious.   Then took a pillow (to ease my neck) out to the driveway and lay there as it continued.  

The cat came over and after bunting me on the sides and hand climbed onto me.  Naturally.   By this time lower clouds were blowing over rapidly, and the humidity was up--the cat's fur felt damp, as did my jacket and jeans.   It is difficult to take good moon pictures with a cat on your chest.  When she walked about, my arms wiggled.  When she settled down, it was only for a moment at a time, and the standing up part always caused vibration.  She wanted to look into the lens.  She wanted to lick the hand holding the camera. 

More and more clouds, less and less moon--for both reasons.  I gave up finally and came back into the dry house.   I may post the jiggly pictures another day.

Tags: cat, lunar eclipse, photograph

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