e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-21-2010

  • 09:14:18: RT @robinmckinley: No! BAD MTA! RT @PublishersWkly NYC's MTA discontinues program featuring signs w poetry & other lit on city’s subways ...
  • 09:17:45: Seeing half an eclipse is better than none...when low wet clouds move in and surface of self, cat, and camera become wet...best to go inside
  • 09:19:09: Lost a hairpin in the grass in the big field bc tried to repin hair. Also got bur clover burs in hair. (Yes, was lying in the grass.)
  • 09:20:20: Cats are not bothered by flash pointed up as much as humans are bothered by a cat walking on them while trying to shoot moon.
  • 13:32:12: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @michelehauf: Happy Holidays! I'm giving away downloadable pdf of The Sin Eater's Promise! http://bit.ly/9Euv2r
  • 13:33:19: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to REBECCA FORSTER -- USA Today Bestselling author of legal/police thrillers and women’s fiction digs into c ...
  • 13:33:29: RT @BacklisteBooks: The Smashwords Backlist Ebooks "It's Still the Season!" Sale is pending! 25% off listed books with coupon codes! #eb ...
  • 13:36:22: Magnet on a stick--valuable tool for finding hairpin lost in the wild grass while watching eclipse. Bought for finding nails in horse lot.
  • 14:54:26: Pictures of lunar eclipse and "helpful" cat: http://e-moon60.livejournal.com/372788.html #eclipse
  • 16:57:30: New post up on Paksworld blog: the writer as whirlwind. http://www.paksworld.com/blog/?p=969
  • 17:04:40: Somewhere I have AAA batteries for my headphones. Somewhere. (glances around) But not here.

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