e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-24-2010

  • 10:03:34: RT @vondanmcintyre: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Starfarers, free, Book View Cafe: http://www.bookviewcafe.com/index.php/McIntyre-T ...
  • 10:07:17: RT @nkjemisin: Holy crap, YES. Why are we talking about Assange at all? http://goo.gl/IBy6S
  • 10:39:41: Soup in progress, check. Book in progress, check. Choir robes ready...omg I haven't washed the cotta yet (scampers away...)
  • 10:59:29: Laundry in, check. Music bag in car, check. Second finger on left hand burned on roasting pan, check. (D, C, E, keys. Typing ouch!)
  • 11:00:26: Blistering the pad of a finger heavily used in typing is not that great when in midst of revising book. OTOH, it's not a BIG blister
  • 11:10:00: Front just arrived (11 am) and temps now dropping w/brisk north wind and occasional spits of water-from-sky. No thunder yet.
  • 12:35:11: RT @JodyLynnNye: "VIDEO: Big Cats Open Christmas Presents" http://t.co/ThfYs3X via @ICHCheezburger This is SO adorable. Donate. I am. RT ...
  • 12:43:17: We now have a cold rain. We need rain desperately (but not in the 12+ inches in 24 hours we got in Sept & none since.)
  • 12:44:54: Deviled eggs in prep by husband for his choir-food contribution. Cotta is out of dryer, hanging with robe. Need to put in car.
  • 12:47:33: And the mustard has disappeared--needed for soup. Cleaned up another two pages of ms. (Oh--he has mustard for d-eggs.) Feet hurt.
  • 12:56:50: The sound of rain falling is a great Christmas present in a dry land.

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