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From Twitter 12-25-2010 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 12-25-2010 [Dec. 26th, 2010|03:01 am]

  • 08:54:26: Awake. Not enough sleep. But sticky buns have risen and can go in oven in only another hour. Others still asleep.
  • 09:09:43: Swore I wouldn't work on the book on Christmas Day. Swore wrongly. Already untangled a page or several.
  • 09:10:11: Quiet time before others wake up to interrupt writing IS a Christmas present.
  • 09:56:48: RT @green_knight: Unwrapping presents is a life skill. Without it, your children will never graduate to flatpack furniture.
  • 10:37:44: Sticky buns and sausage biscuits instead of high-fiber cereal for breakfast. YUM! Christmas dinner is beef-veg. soup.
  • 11:07:24: Sticky buns were !!good!! Soup's on for the rest of the day's meals (hearty beef/vegetable) & lounging about is order of the day.
  • 11:08:20: And now--back to work until I fall asleep or get hungry.
  • 16:53:28: Note to self about warm feet: cold currents of air can penetrate knitted socks, but not those fleece slipper-socks.
  • 16:54:37: I do wish they'd made the slipper-socks with old-fashioned leather soles, though. In our climate, that's practical for lt outdoors use.
  • 18:35:08: Note to self: it might be wise to get a protective mask: some onions are FAR more tear-inducing than others (blink, blink, sniff)
  • 18:35:35: That onion made husband's eyes sting from yards away.
  • 18:40:09: Found whole fossil scene--what it developed from never happened in new version. Oopsie. Best found now, not by reviewer. #writing

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