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From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • 07:33:40: RT @BacklisteBooks: Win one of 5 awesome prizes, including a Kindle 3G! http://bit.ly/hKMMUP
  • 07:33:48: RT @BacklisteBooks: Spot Quiz: What's $2.99 minus 25%? A RIDICULOUS price for #ebooks by popular authors! All formats incl #Kindle http: ...
  • 07:34:55: Pond frozen right across, frost whitening every surface outside--but it'll be much warmer in an hour or so and colder than this tonight.
  • 07:35:37: Time to go chip ice in the horses' water trough. If they haven't managed to break it themselves.
  • 09:21:56: RT @BacklisteBooks: Santa didn't fork over that Kindle? Enter to win one here from Backlist eBooks and nine generous authors: http://bit ...
  • 15:11:28: RT @BacklisteBooks: Christmas Gifts May Help E-Books Take Root http://nyti.ms/hJFeeY
  • 15:13:31: RT @BacklisteBooks: "For digital campaigns to make sense, they should be on behalf of a block of books...rather than pushing one title.. ...
  • 15:16:24: RT @BacklisteBooks: Agents & E-Books Exclusive Survey Preview http://bit.ly/dIjzOl
  • 21:01:33: RT @LaylaMessner: Neil Gaiman: "Important. And pass it on..." http://bit.ly/6rHxC

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