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From Twitter 12-27-2010

  • 08:49:52: RT @BacklisteBooks: #Kindle Exceeds Expectations This Year http://bit.ly/hSq7vq #ebooks #ebook
  • 08:49:56: RT @BacklisteBooks: Spot Quiz: What's $2.99 minus 25%? A RIDICULOUS price for #ebooks by popular authors! All formats incl #Kindle http: ...
  • 08:52:42: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @Philoponus: RT @steffenmeier: How E-Books Are Changing the Economics of Writing (DailyFinance) http://j.mp/hyiJo ...
  • 08:52:54: RT @BacklisteBooks: Get 25% off coupon codes for #ebooks by bestselling authors, most starting at $2.99! All formats incl #Kindle http:/ ...
  • 08:53:20: RT @BacklisteBooks: Win a #Kindle from Backlist #eBooks and some of our favorite authors: http://bit.ly/i2Jps5 #ebook
  • 08:59:00: Cold, with high thin clouds. Deep in revisions and cussing every paragraph over something I thought I'd fixed months ago. #writing
  • 09:44:28: RT @NASA: NASA satellites see strong La Nina in the Pacific "spreading her curses & blessings across the planet." http://go.usa.gov/rYq
  • 12:17:59: Was asked about using old story in txtbook--looked at story and winced. Have learned some in 15-16+ years. Good idea, not-so writing.
  • 12:19:45: Maybe I just do more drafts now, she says, having weed-whacked the book's chapter 21 this morning for the umpteenth time. #writing
  • 13:49:41: Lunch: omelet with cheese & green peppers. Biggest one I ever made. Folding was an adventure, but R- liked his half and I liked mine.
  • 19:01:39: RT @NASA_GoddardPix: A particularly cool view of the US East Coast today. Can you feel the wind blow? http://bit.ly/gNoIBu
  • 19:03:46: RT @CassiniSaturn: Bad weather on Earth? Bad weather on Saturn, too! New pic shows megastorm in Saturn's northern hemi http://twitpic.c ...
  • 23:03:32: Am working on three different sections of book revisions alternately in hopes of keeping my mind fresh & alert. (ho, ho, ho!!) #writing
  • 23:29:29: Brain completely gone...bedtime.

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