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The End in Sight: Revision

Yes, the end is in sight.   And so I'm actually taking the evening off to relax and eat with family and rest up for the last stretch, tomorrow.   I might even get more than 4 hours of sleep, and thus a clear brain to do the final polish.  (I didn't have a clear brain today when I forgot that I was out of good red wine for the soup....or any previous day that my husband said he was going to the store and did I need anything.   [Yes.  Bottle of Blackstone Pinot Noir, Perfect for cooking with our range-fed beef.  None in this soup, thanks to mind-fade.])

The book is of course better for the work put into it.   Several stalwart first-readers helped a huge amount and will be rewarded with (secret-secret-secret) once this little (!!) lump of text is on its way to Editor.     When there's not enough time between finishing the main draft and heading into revision, those extra eyes can't be skimped. 

Those interested in the process this time can find clues over on the Paksworld blog where I finished off some evenings with a post-midnight report.  

By the way, Happy New Year.

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