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Second Day [Jan. 4th, 2011|10:17 pm]
[Current Mood |tired]

My second day off accomplished much less, because I  didn't sleep well and thus dragged through the morning.  I think I managed to move a total of five objects off the kitchen table into new homes.  R- had a dental appointment in the morning, and then acquired another for the afternoon.  I did actually get a nap in the afternoon, which gave me enough energy to go feed two demanding equines (ears forward, whuffling over the fence, "WHEN are you going to feed us?"  Note: it was their usual feeding time.)   For once they both went into their stalls without my having to say "Go stall!" and they waited there while I got the feed into the buckets, the little gate open and shut.  

Some of the laundry still needs to be folded.  Eh.   For lunch I had leftovers from the night before--R- had gone down to the local place and brought back Mexican dinners (the local place knows how to cook Tex-Mex) but we had eaten 1 1/2 of them.  So I put the cold, hard, unappetizing cheese enchilada and some refried beans and some rice in a baking dish, grated more cheese over the whole, and stuck it in the oven.  YUM.  

By the time I let the horses out, R- was home with a half-numb mouth and post-dental-surgery orders and a load of antibiotics.   I made him mashed potatoes for supper, and later got him some ice cream.   I noodled around in the computer with a LiveJournal post from last summer that I want to put on the website (having run into more examples of people--including other women--trying to shame women for writing their truth)  but it's not right yet.  

I hope I can sleep better tonight.  I need to re-establish a more normal sleep-wake pattern than I've had since before I got sick in November.