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From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 00:31:04: RT @NatureNews: The end for small glaciers http://ff.im/-wrWKg
  • 00:35:18: RT @KSmithSF: So cool if true! RT @io9: Birds might actually be using quantum mechanics to find their way through the skies http://io9.c ...
  • 09:02:59: Palin's "Don't retreat--instead, RELOAD!" comment last year, the day after the map went live, makes the "surveyor's mark" excuse extra lame.
  • 09:06:55: "On book" again, starting the new one. Cuts into my internet time, but--only way to write a book is to shut up and write. #writing
  • 10:14:33: RT @NatureNews: Great @NatureMedicine news feature on transgenic cattle possibly wiping out African sleeping sickness http://ff.im/-wsOMe
  • 12:47:28: Day's required words done--earlier than usual. The usual reluctance to start and temptations to quit here and there. #writing
  • 19:18:40: RT @NASA_EO: Sediment Transforms Lake Michigan [image] http://tinyurl.com/4ddhvuk #NASA
  • 19:18:57: RT @NASA: NASA's Fermi catches thunderstorms on Earth hurling antimatter into space http://go.nasa.gov/fQnBqn
  • 19:19:18: RT @patinagle: RT @KristineRusch #Free #Fiction Monday! Today's story, "Flower Fairies" http://bit.ly/h1R3bW
  • 19:19:37: RT @NASA: Check out this new Hubble image of a true space oddity: a ghostly green streamer of gas http://go.nasa.gov/gkxBkK #aas217
  • 22:38:36: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to JANA DELEON -- Humorous romantic mysteries set deep in the bayous of Louisiana.
  • 22:38:42: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to GERALD M. WEINBERG -- I write fact and fiction about how people cope with and respond to technology.
  • 22:38:47: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to BRENDA HIATT -- Romantic historical adventure
  • 22:38:54: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to JUDY ALTER -- Award-winning author Judy Alter writes fiction with a special interest in women of the Amer ...
  • 22:41:04: So even a GOP Congressman knows his colleagues are liars...
    http://tinyurl.com/5sk63r7 Or he's just ignorant of the word's meaning.

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