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From Twitter 01-10-2011 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 01-10-2011 [Jan. 11th, 2011|03:01 am]

  • 00:31:04: RT @NatureNews: The end for small glaciers http://ff.im/-wrWKg
  • 00:35:18: RT @KSmithSF: So cool if true! RT @io9: Birds might actually be using quantum mechanics to find their way through the skies http://io9.c ...
  • 09:02:59: Palin's "Don't retreat--instead, RELOAD!" comment last year, the day after the map went live, makes the "surveyor's mark" excuse extra lame.
  • 09:06:55: "On book" again, starting the new one. Cuts into my internet time, but--only way to write a book is to shut up and write. #writing
  • 10:14:33: RT @NatureNews: Great @NatureMedicine news feature on transgenic cattle possibly wiping out African sleeping sickness http://ff.im/-wsOMe
  • 12:47:28: Day's required words done--earlier than usual. The usual reluctance to start and temptations to quit here and there. #writing
  • 19:18:40: RT @NASA_EO: Sediment Transforms Lake Michigan [image] http://tinyurl.com/4ddhvuk #NASA
  • 19:18:57: RT @NASA: NASA's Fermi catches thunderstorms on Earth hurling antimatter into space http://go.nasa.gov/fQnBqn
  • 19:19:18: RT @patinagle: RT @KristineRusch #Free #Fiction Monday! Today's story, "Flower Fairies" http://bit.ly/h1R3bW
  • 19:19:37: RT @NASA: Check out this new Hubble image of a true space oddity: a ghostly green streamer of gas http://go.nasa.gov/gkxBkK #aas217
  • 22:38:36: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to JANA DELEON -- Humorous romantic mysteries set deep in the bayous of Louisiana.
  • 22:38:42: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to GERALD M. WEINBERG -- I write fact and fiction about how people cope with and respond to technology.
  • 22:38:47: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to BRENDA HIATT -- Romantic historical adventure
  • 22:38:54: RT @BacklisteBooks: Welcome to JUDY ALTER -- Award-winning author Judy Alter writes fiction with a special interest in women of the Amer ...
  • 22:41:04: So even a GOP Congressman knows his colleagues are liars...
    http://tinyurl.com/5sk63r7 Or he's just ignorant of the word's meaning.

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[User Picture]From: shockwave77598
2011-01-11 05:22 pm (UTC)
Ah, so you have a schedule of number of words to get done per day? Interesting. I'll have to try that in a per week basis. Thank you for the idea.
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[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2011-01-11 05:47 pm (UTC)
A daily word count works for me--it doesn't work for all writers. But if you're having trouble keeping at a project, I find it a help. Other writers set an hourly schedule--four or six or whatever, and it doesn't matter how much actual wordage they have.

It's important to set the goal *lower* than you can do when you push for your maximum--you're building consistency. It should be number that doesn't physically hurt and that you can maintain day after day. So since you haven't done that before, I'd suggest starting with a very easy daily goal and increasing it slowly (it's like an exercise program--if you can't do one pushup, you don't start out demanding--and failing at--fifty.) For those who do it, regular writing increases the production up to whatever is your natural speed (which has to do with how your mind processes what you're doing--how you work through a fiction project.)

The goal should also take into account your other tasks and obligations. If you have only an hour a day to write, than your goal cannot be one that would require you to find another hour. A daily goal for x days a week is better than a weekly goal in building consistency. I was very impressed, as a young writer, by reading about pre-typewriter writers and how they worked. The actual writing was necessarily slower by hand (and many of them had beautiful handwriting...yikes!) so the only way they could produce entire books was to be consistent and write every day (or almost every day.) There are accounts by witnesses of watching one or another famous writer working away, page after page.

Anyway--if you try it and it doesn't work for you after a fair trial (which you get to decide) then don't worry about it. I know published writers who say having a daily word-count goal doesn't work at all for them.
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