e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 08:24:27: Pond frozen over. A solid lid of clouds replaces yesterday's clear skies & sun.
  • 09:10:00: Temp 20F this morning. Was below freezing by 6 pm, so that's more than 12 hours, which means "pipe-watching."
  • 09:23:25: Had a busted pipe last year, trying to avoid this year (well, tried last year, too. But external piping is tough to protect.
  • 09:36:40: Typing "batched" instead of "bathed" gives a whole new flavor to that scene...like pickle juice on ice cream. #writing
  • 10:01:23: Finished day's words--got head start last night. #writing
  • 10:02:04: Off to city for lunch w/ friends. R- home minding the pipes & beasties.
  • 23:57:45: RT @booksandcorsets: Illegal ebook downloads = authors selling & writing fewer books. Here's the real life example: http://bit.ly/hxCHSK ...
  • 23:57:54: RT @BacklisteBooks: Snow is good for on-line# book sales, bad for in-store retail http://bit.ly/ehvyzc #ebooks #ebook #kindle
  • 23:57:59: RT @BacklisteBooks: Join the Backlist #eBooks mailing list for news about sales and other special events! http://bit.ly/hFomcj
  • 23:59:20: RT @NatureNews: Corruption kills: 83% of deaths from earthquake building collapse over past 30 years in corrupt countries. (sub req’d) h ...

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