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From Twitter 01-15-2011

  • 09:25:27: RT @BacklisteBooks: BeB author Beth Orsoff's ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED named one of the Top 4 Reads of 2010 at Daily Cheap Reads. http:// ...
  • 09:25:36: RT @BacklisteBooks: Now, that's what we're talking about: "E-book Sales Rise Nearly 130% in November" http://bit.ly/hTGXZZ #ebooks #eboo ...
  • 09:25:49: RT @BacklisteBooks: Well, duh! "Six titles with a $5.00 pricetag in the Top 20 paid bestseller list in the Amazon #Kindle store." http:/ ...
  • 09:36:53: RT @NatGeoSociety: #Photos: Mount Etna Erupts Overnight
  • 09:40:14: RT @NASA: Europe's largest & most active volcano, Mt. Etna, erupted this week. View from NASA's Terra satellite. http://go.usa.gov/rLt
  • 09:42:51: Gray, drizzly, chilly. Need to go to big grocery, then come home and cook. Out of parsley, for instance.
  • 10:18:57: RT @robinmckinley: RT @britishmuseum 252 yrs ago 2day British Museum opened to public 4 1st first time. This is what it looked like then ...
  • 11:01:57: Lost yesterday's grocery list. All I can remember is parsley. I know there was more. Oh--cumin. Um. Pepper! Um. Mindchurn.
  • 11:18:24: Should go by Lowe's or Home Depot first to see about LED light strips shown on some home improv. shows. Better than old light over sink?
  • 14:35:31: Lamb curry (of a sort) is simmering on the stove; more lamb to bone out, tho. A good smell for a cold rainy day.
  • 17:14:09: RT @NASA_EO: Northwestern Algeria [image] http://tinyurl.com/4a5z7so #NASA
  • 18:19:49: Playing with food: yesterday's lamb shoulders becoming tonight's curry-inspired (but not authtentic) lamb concoction.
  • 18:20:36: In this weather all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep...rouse...sleep. But tomorrow at 6 am, it's time to get up and go sing.
  • 18:21:18: (Actually I can spell authentic. I can't TYPE authentic after a nap.)

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