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More info on Verizone's Cellphone Policy Problems

My friend's  given me permission to post her LJ address: http://cdozo.livejournal.com  has the complete story so far.   Apparently, Verizon's own customer service and sales personnel are not aware of the alarm on 911 calls; she had to work her way upstream to find someone who knew that there was an FCC ruling (which she references in her LJ)  and in at least one case she got a sales clerk to try it on the salesclerk's phone--which indeed made the alarm, much to the person's shock.

So contacting Verizon's first-level of customer service may get you the result that there is no such thing--but there is. 

As this is, at least in part, a response to an FCC ruling, the FCC ruling needs to be changed as well.

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