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From Twitter 01-22-2011 [Jan. 23rd, 2011|03:01 am]

  • 18:06:25: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @dorannadurgin: Free stuff, baby! Sign up for free bookmarks, enter to win the Farscape series on DVD. http://h ...
  • 18:09:17: RT @KSmithSF: Frances Fox Piven, Glenn Beck Target, Has Been Threatened -
  • 18:10:03: RT @ShuttleCDRKelly: GG all settled in here at MH. Hopefully over to TIRR in a day or two. Doing great in her new room. Lots of rehab w/ ...
  • 20:34:23: RT @vondanmcintyre: Sneak peek: Mist Grass & Sand, Sunday, BVC. ...
  • 20:38:43: Really truly did not need a sinus migraine this afternoon/evening. Of course, I NEVER need a sinus migraine.
  • 20:39:51: On the bright side, pruned many dead branches off junipers until headache drove me out of the sun into a darkened room.

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