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Weather, of Course [Feb. 2nd, 2011|12:13 am]
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Monday afternoon, 80F.   Tuesday morning at daybreak, 25F.   Tuesday afternoon, 20F.    The cold came with powerful winds (branches came down) and vicious wind-chills.   Morning began with haying the horses, checking their water, and pulling out the horse blankets.   I got a blanket on the older horse in the morning and the younger one declined to stand still for it to be put on.  Sobeit.   I'm not risking a kick in the head from this critter.  They have a barn (open on the south) so they're protected from wet and most wind.

Since our son had not taken any long-sleeved shirts with him when he moved to the city last spring (and I forgot to ask over the weekend when he was here) and also didn't take gloves or the jacket with a hood, or have a knit cap...today involved a fast run down to the city (50 miles) to take him his long-sleeved shirts and gloves, and then go find him a hat while he was in class and drop it off to him afterwards.  Then home, battling the strong gusty wind, to find that it was (at that point) 22F.  More haying of horses.   Husband is sick.  

Other chores followed.  Internet was wonky, not reliable, in late afternoon--dropped connection if I took too long writing an email, even.   I started working on the day's writing after an early supper.  Then the power went out for 2-3 hours.  House chilled down (central requires electricity before propane furnace will work.  Sometimes technology can be TOO smart.)    Then power came back up.   Checked faucets again (they all have to drip.)  Need to check them again before going to bed.

[User Picture]From: torainfor
2011-02-02 02:26 pm (UTC)
We went from 60s on Thursday to less than -40 windchill the last 24 hours.
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